Southern California's  Annual Youth Leadership Summit for High School Students with Disabilities

What is YLS


The Summit YLS is a Five-day leadership program for students with disabilities, Additional post-YLS sessions will be held in the months after the weeklong event as scheduled. These monthly workshops will focus on topics such as post-secondary education and careers.

Attendees will learn advocacy and leadership skills from alumni and professionals with disabilities and create a "Personal Futures Plan" to help reach their future education, independent living, and career goals.

Attendees will interact with County, State, and National leaders with disabilities, which may include celebrities, politicians, entertainers, and other adult role models with disabilities. Participants also make lifelong friendships with other Southern California Attendees and have mentorship opportunities with alumni.

The Youth Leadership Summit is a Five-day leadership program for students with disabilities who are high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors during the 2021-2022 school year, ending in June 2022, held at California State University Los Angeles.

YLS 2022 Roundup

That's a Wrap! During a time when COVID numbers are once again rising, SCRS was able to safely host a Youth Leadership Summit that gave an unforgettable experience to our future advocates.