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Southern California's  Annual Youth Leadership Summit for High School Students with Disabilities

The YLS is a Five-day leadership program for students with disabilities, held on a Southern
California University Campus. Additional post-YLS sessions will be held in the months after
the weeklong event as scheduled. These monthly workshops will focus on topics such as
post-secondary education and careers.

Attendees will learn advocacy and leadership skills from alumni and professionals with
disabilities and create a “Personal Futures Plan” to help reach their future education,
independent living, and career goals.

Attendees will interact with County, State, and National leaders with disabilities, which may
include celebrities, politicians, entertainers, and other adult role models with disabilities.
Participants also make lifelong friendships with other Southern California Attendees and
have mentorship opportunities with alumni.

There is no cost for students who are selected to attend. If needed YLS can help acquire
and provide the technology required to attend sessions, including any related reasonable


Southern California residents with a disability who are high school sophomores, juniors, or
seniors during the 2022-2023 school year, ending in June 2023 are eligible to attend.
Only the most highly qualified applicants are students who have demonstrated leadership
potential in school and in the community. All students with disabilities are encouraged to

To complete and submit an application and for more information, read the attendees
information guide on the delegate information page.

If you have questions or need additional information about the application process, please
call the SCRS YLS Committee at 626-587-5010 or email us at

 The application Deadline is May 5th 

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