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Vocational Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services are designed to provide a variety of services including career guidance and counseling, job search and interview skills training, independent living skills, on the job training, employment preparation, assistive technology, and other services.

Support Services

On an individual and case-by-case basis, we may be able to assist with situational assessments that can assist us with identifying an individual's ability to perform in workplace environments, such as an individual's work stamina, abilities, interests, and work habits.

We may also be able to assist with Personal, Vocational, and Social Adjustment Services that support the individual in adjusting to outside environments, furthermore helping them to acquire skills such as appropriate work habits, time management, safety, appropriate socialization, and job retention.

Resume Writing

Staff help participants create a resume or improve upon their existing resume. By learning how to format the document, list experience and showcase skills, participants can then use the output to apply for jobs.

Participants learn how to state their abilities truthfully, highlight activities relevant to the job, proofread a resume, create a cover letter, and follow up with a potential employer.

Job Placement

SCRS is the leading entity for placement of individuals into competitive, integrated employment in the State of California.

Our experienced staff have built a strong network of reputable employers seeking to build upon their diverse workforce and can assist you land that dream job together, sooner rather than later.

Job Readiness

our dedicated and skilled staff will work closely with each individual to ensure they possess the necessary skills and traits suitable for their ideal job.

Areas to strengthen upon can be: clear and effective communication, application of technology, and/or assistive technology, understanding potential rights and responsibilities, effective interviewing, reasonable accommodations.