Independent Living Services

Independent Living refers to the concept that individuals with disabilities have the right to live their lives in the way they choose, with the ability to ask for help if and when they need it. This concept is often called "self-determination" because it emphasizes the individual's right to make their own decisions and control their own lives. It is a way of thinking that emphasizes the value of autonomy and empowerment for people with disabilities.

Systems Advocacy

Systems Advocacy is a process of changing policies, rules, or laws that affect how services are provided to a larger group of people. At SCRS-IL, our focus is on providing education and support on systems advocacy, but our consumers are the driving force behind our efforts. We work to empower individuals to advocate for themselves and their communities, and to bring about positive changes in the systems that impact their lives.


We provide assistance to individuals with disabilities who are in need of accessible housing. We can help them find affordable options that accommodate their needs and are within their budget. While we do not provide housing directly, we can help connect individuals with resources and support them in the process of finding a suitable living situation.

Independent Living Skills

Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of the challenges that individuals with disabilities face on a daily basis. We work closely with each individual to determine their specific needs and develop a tailored plan to help them achieve their goals. This plan may include I.L. skills training, which is designed to increase their capacity to live independently and take control of their lives. 

Transition Services

Our youth transition team has strong partnerships with schools, colleges, and other organizations that focus on young people. These relationships allow us to provide comprehensive, tailored services to meet the needs of the youth in our community. We work closely with each individual to understand their unique needs and develop a plan to help them achieve their goals. Whether they are preparing for college, entering the workforce, or exploring other opportunities, our team is dedicated to providing the support they need to succeed.

Personal Assistance

Personal assistants can help individuals with disabilities with a variety of tasks. Our organisatio offers training and support to help individuals hire, train, and manage their personal assistants. We also help connect individuals with qualified candidates. Our goal is to empower individuals with disabilities to live more independent lives.

Assistive Technology

We provide an array of services to assist the community in understanding how assistive technology can increase independence and a consumer's ability to participate in the community. Our goal is to help people learn about and take advantage of the many ways that assistive technology can improve their lives, from assistive devices for individuals with disabilities to online tools for staying connected and engaged.

Individual Advocacy

Individual Advocacy involves working closely with the individual to address an issue that may only affect them or may have broader implications. Our experienced staff members provide support and guidance, empowering the individual to learn how to advocate for themselves and address the issue at hand. This approach allows for a personalized and collaborative approach to problem-solving.

Peer Counseling

Our employees are trained and equipped to provide peer counseling and support to the community. Peer support is a form of assistance where individuals with shared experiences offer knowledge, experience, emotional, social, or practical help to one another. Over 80% of our staff have a disability, which allows them to draw on their own experiences to provide empathy and understanding to those in the community. This shared experience enables our employees to make quick and meaningful connections with the people they serve, providing a sense of community and support