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As a Center for Independent Living, and a disability organization, SCRS has been leading the way for quite some time now, and we are always looking for ways to improve, grow and innovate. We can say with certainty that our founding advocates did not intend for SCRS, or any CIL, to simply provide I.L. core services - a CIL is meant to continuously meet the needs of its respective communities, which means we must continue to evolve, we cannot and should not remain stagnant. This is why SCRS has provided successful employment services for over 20 years, has a unique college program that helps our community change the academic narrative and obtain college degrees, and is now paving the way through 21st century technology by launching a smartphone app by and for the disability community!


In App Event Registration

Be a pioneer in your community, in app event registrations allow our users to register for events, in addition our app alows for specifying any necessary accommodations during registration

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your own profile at your finger tips, view all of your settings, upcoming appointments and events in your profile hub

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