Employment Services

In 2018, SCRS became a vendor of South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, providing

unparalleled employment services to eligible consumers. Since then, we also serve Laterman Regional Center and East Los Angeles Regional Center.

We provide an unmatched delivery of independent living and employment services to fully maximize the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Through our vendored services with Regional Centers, we can assist individuals with:

Empowering through success


In April of 2019, Gloria joined our SCRS
Employment Services. While participating
in her PIP, Gloria continued to apply for
permanent employment opportunities.
Due to her persistence and willingness to
continue receiving SCRS services, Gloria
was successfully employed with Ambrit
Developments Inc.

Gloria began her journey with
SCRS, Employment Services in April of 2019,
determined to obtain full-time employment
after only having worked in temporary


Gloria attended the
program regularly and actively participated,
eager to learn and put her skills to the test.
Through her hard work, dedication, and
unrelenting optimism Gloria demonstrated to
be an ideal candidate for the Paid Internship
Program, where she had the opportunity to
fine tune and master her skills.

Upon successfully completing her
internships, SCRS staff assisted Gloria with
searching for full-time employment and was
offered a full-time custodian position with
Ambrit Developments Inc. in March of 2020
and has since been contracted to work on-
site with Moog Inc.


For more information about Employment Services please contact


Gabriela Ramirez

Director of Employment Services

Phone: (626)-422-9615

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L.A. Care graciously supporting COVID-19 Relief Efforts for the disability community through SCRS-IL.

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