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SCRS Launches brand new app


Stay connected and informed about your community with the help of our amazing app! Our app allows you to easily access news and services, share important information with others.

As a Center for Independent Living, and a disability organization, SCRS has been leading the way for quite some time now, and we are always looking for ways to improve, grow and innovate Stay connected

our app will allow you to keep connected to your community informing you when an emergency event happens and connecting you with emergency resources in the event you need them.


View services at a glance

view and request appointments for services within the app itself app


you can set preferences to view only the services you are interested in and hide the ones that may not be relevant to you 

In App Event Registration

Be a pioneer in your community, in-app event registrations allow our users to register for events, in addition, our app allows for specifying any necessary accommodations during registration


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