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Educating Disability Groups Through Education

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The SCRS College Education Support Services program is designed to provide in-and-out of classroom supports with immediate tutorial intervention supports to ensure success in the college coursework with an outcome of achieving an Associates Degree in the degree paths available within the college.


SCRS-IL has been seen as the innovators of designing college programs that are unique to the structural design that enhances the abilities of people with disabilities.


In 2018, SCRS designed the first dual enrolment college program for high school youth with disabilities which led to a 100% pass rate and achievement in receiving a certification in Engineering Design. This first program of its kind in the United States led to the development of a unique model to educational success.


SCRS provides in-and-out of classroom training and supports to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities or similar conditions so that they can become more independent and successful in obtaining a college degree.

SCRS is opening the doors to all degree paths that can benefit high school graduates with disabilities. Keeping true to the same blueprint of supports, structure & success, SCRS in partnership with Compton College is proud to launch E.D.G.E.


A fully accredited college program that will provide different Associate degree paths all CSU transferable units that will empower the individual to not only receive an A.A./A.S. Degree, but continue their the envelope even further.

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