Project Innovate

A partnership with Columbia Memorial Space Center focused on the introduction to STEM and Lego-Robotics. The final product of this project was a  fully-functional lego-robotic braille embosser (a braille printer for the blind community).

photo of students taking part in project innovate
photo of stem students taking part in project quest

Project Quest

Participants learned how to assemble and disassemble laptop computers, install an operating system, perform common repairs and troubleshooting, install hardware and software, and learn about available assistive technology for specific disabilities.

Project Destiny

Project Destiny is transitioning 300 youth with disabilities between years  2018-2020 through newly-developed programs, such as our dual-enrollment pilot program with East Los Angeles College, giving high-school-aged youth the opportunity to earn engineering and graphic design certificates that will enable them to obtain entry-level engineer jobs starting at $55,000/year.


group of stem students standing in front of the technology building at ELAC