Your input is greatly needed and appreciated

Jul 28, 2022

Every 3 years, our State Independent Living Council (SILC) conducts a needs assessment survey of the Independent Living Network / Disability Community.

Dear Community, Every 3 years, our State Independent Living Council (SILC) conducts a needs assessment survey of the Independent Living Network / Disability Community. In order for states to receive federal funding, they must submit an approvable 3-year State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) to the Administration for Community Living (ACL). The SPIL is a three-year strategic plan that provides the framework for the delivery of Independent Living services in California. The mission of the CA IL network, and this SPIL, is that the California State Independent Living program will partner with Stakeholders to provide advocacy and services that create equity for individuals with disabilities. The result of this survey will help guide the SILC and the SPIL on the areas Centers for Independent Living should most focus on over the next three years (2024 - 2026). As you may know, SCRS is a Center for Independent Living and actively assist thousands of people with disabilities that seek out our services every year. In fact, in addition to the SPIL, SCRS also surveys our consumers every year to hear from our community on what is working, what can be improved and where we can continue to grow and develop. Because of this, we have created the Mel Grant A.T. Fund that provides our consumers funding for assistive technology, we have created the first disability pride parade in Southern California that brings together the disability community annually, we are piloting a mobile application for your cell phone or tablet that will be a resource hub and lifeline during a natural disaster, a college program to ensure more people with disabilities graduate from college, successfully place over 800 individuals with disabilities into competitive employment every year, and so much more. Your time, assistance and feedback are deeply appreciated by completing the survey. The link will be shared below, as well as links to documents in English, Spanish and Chinese. If you prefer to complete the survey using a document, please mail it to Sacramento, at the address provided below, no later than Friday, August 5th, 2022. If you use a screen reader and will be completing the survey through the survey monkey link, the first page on the website will provide you instructions on how to navigate the survey using a screen reader. Alternatively, you can complete the survey using an attached document or contact the SILC office and speak with Danielle Hess for assistance. Survey Monkey Link: Survey (English): English Document Survey (Spanish): Spanish Document Survey (Chinese): Chinese Document Para leer este correo en español, el siguiente enlace tiene un documento que contiene su traducción (To read this email in Spanish, the following link has a document containing its translation): Spanish Translation Document Address to mail completed document survey: SILC; 1300 Ethan Way # 110; Sacramento, CA 95825 The document can also be emailed to: If you serve people with disabilities and/or are connected to other disability service providers, organizations, entities, etc., please help share this email/survey to collect as much input as possible. Indebted to you, Hector Ochoa