Our Independent Living Services

Peer Counseling

All SCRS-IL employees are equipped to provide peer counseling and support. Peer support occurs when people provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other. Through a federal mandate, but more importantly, our philosophy, over 80% of our staff have a disability. Because of this, we share first-hand experience which allows us to make an almost-instant connection. We also have established support groups for Women (18 years and older), Men, LGBT+, Youth and Domestic Violence.

Transition Services


Community-based transition services allows us to provide information and assistance to residents of nursing homes or other similar institutions to successfully transition into their own home. Through direct outreach, established relationships and referrals from health plans, we work diligently and collaboratively to ensure successful relocation.

Youth Transition


Youth Transition services allows us the opportunity to connect with youth, ages 14-24, to equip and empower them (and their families) to successfully transition into post-secondary education (college/university/trade) or competitive, integrated employment.


Through established relationships with school districts, charter schools, colleges and other youth-focused entities (such as the Columbia Memorial Space Center), our dedicated youth transition team provides comprehensive and oftentimes, tailored services to meet the needs of our youth. Some of our programming also uses STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) as a tool to engage the passion of our youth and gain their interest in STEM-related fields or college in general.

Our current Memorandum Of Understanding with East Los Angeles College is allowing us to pilot a cohort of 21 youth with various disabilities to embark on a 2-year engineering and graphics design certification program. This pilot will then become a model for other 2-year colleges to expand upon the delivery of curricula and supportive services available to disabled students.

Institutional Diversion

Institutional Diversion allows us to have a pivotal role in the prevention of institutionalization by working collaboratively with our consumer and their potential support network to keep our consumer in their community and refrain them from being institutionalized.


Individual Advocacy

Individual Advocacy allows our experienced staff to work in partnership with our consumer(s) on an issue that is only affecting them while empowering the individual to learn how to self-advocate.

Systems Advocacy

Systems Advocacy is an effort to change policies, rules or laws which determine how services are provided to a larger group of people (not just one person).


While CIL’s such as SCRS-IL focus on the educational piece of systems advocacy, our consumers drive our systems advocacy.

Independent Living Skills Training

I.L. Skills Training allows us to increase the capacity of individuals with disabilities to become and remain self-sufficient.


Our experienced staff work with our consumers on determining the areas where assistance is needed and develops a comprehensive plan to achieve successful outcomes.


I.L. Skills can include, but not limited to: self-exploration (potential limitations and strengths, disability identity and pride), self-advocacy and civic engagement, health and wellness, socialization, money management and mobility training.

Computer Classes

SCRS offers a wide range of computer classes focused around teaching individuals with disabilities how to utilize technology to improve their ability to function independently both at home and in the disability community.

the computer classes focus on several topics including:

learning how computers work

Understanding how to use Microsoft Windows

Understanding  how to use the internet

how to work with cell phones

Benefits Counseling

Applying for benefit programs through Social Security Administration (SSA) or Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) may be a confusing or challenging task for many.


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are benefit programs that people apply for when they are unable to work due to their disability/disabilities.


SCRS-IL can provide benefits counselling in the following ways:


Provide information on benefit program(s) you may be eligible for,

One-on-one counseling that involves guidance with completing the initial applications,

Assistance in filing an appeal, if your initial benefit application was denied.


Other benefit programs, such as: Medi-Cal, CalFresh, General Relief, can be explained to you as well. We can also provide you with information on what may happen to your benefits, if you wish to enter or re-enter the workforce.

For more information, contact our Advocate nearest to you

Assistive Technology Services

We provide an array of services to assist the community in understanding how technology can increase independence and a consumers ability to participate in the community.


Assistive Technology Services we provide include:

  • Device Lending Program

  • Professional Technology Consultation

  • Reuse Donation Program

  • Advocacy support for access, equipment

Community Education Workshops

SCRS hosts a wide assortment of educational workshops that help to educate the community and bring awareness  to several important topics some of witch include:

Domestic Violence

come and join the conversation topics include:The cycle of domestic violence

Warning signs

Healthy Boundaries


 We can provide assistance by phone or email. Give us a call or send us a message for assistance.

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