Assistive Technology Services

Device Lending Library

SCRS-IL’s Device Lending Library offers loan equipment at no cost.  Items borrowed will be provided, as available, as a 30-day loan.  Borrowing time may be extended, based on a case-by-case situation.


Equipment available for borrowing may include portable ramps of different sizes and other firefly wheelchair adapters and knee scooters.  Loan Agreement must be signed at the time of visit.


SCRS-IL will also accept donations of assistive technology devices and/or equipment that are in good working order.  Please contact AT Facilitator for further assistance with donations.  

ReUse Donation Program


SCRS-IL also provides assistive technology equipment and devices; e.g. wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, portable commodes, transfer benches, sliding boards, rollators. 


Most equipment and devices are gently used; some new items may be available.

All items are assessed and deemed in good working condition before provided to the public. 


Items donated do not have to be returned.  This is a free service to the disability community.  Please contact AT Facilitator and inquire for item availability.  

photo of SCRS providing consumer with accessibility device
consumer being photographed with an accessibility device

Advocacy Support

Advocacy is the process of promoting and representing patients’ rights through direct assistance, monitoring, training, and policy review. At times, some individuals with disabilities may have problems with obtaining AT services or equipment needed from their medical insurance companies or other agencies. 


This may be due to language barriers, speech impediments, intimidation issues and/or the lack of self-advocacy skills.


Our AT Facilitator can help with communicating with vendors, social workers, case managers and/or others, as needed, to assist with accessing equipment, devices, services and/or appropriate accommodations.  

Grant Assistance

SCRS-IL may assist with locating resources from various funding sources to meet the needs of the consumers.


These grants can range from any assistive technology items such as simple technology, medical equipment to home modifications, and others. 


SCRS-IL is proud to offer assistance, to those who qualify, with obtaining assistive technology, through the Mel Grant Assistive Technology Fund.


This grant is for SCRS-IL active consumers who need financial assistance with obtaining AT equipment, devices, and/or services that will enhance their overall independence and quality of life. 


Applications for the Mel Grant AT Fund are available upon request.  Please contact AT Facilitator for further details.   

consumer with walking aid provided by SCRS
consumer being photographed with bed rail guards provided by SCRS

Home Modification Programs

We are currently working with multiple cities which may provide, to eligible residents, grant funding for home modifications.


If the applicant qualifies, a licensed contractor will work on modifying the area where the improved accessibility is needed, in the person’s residence.


Some possible modifications may include:  building ramps, installing grab bars, installing handrails, and/or minor bathroom modifications.


Many times these modifications are enough to gain or maintain independence at home for seniors and people with disabilities. 


Most of these programs are geographically restricted, and funding may be limited. Please contact AT Facilitator for further information.

Ana Ramirez - Assistive Technology Facilitator

For more information feel free to reach out to

Ana Ramirez 
Assistive Technology Facilitator