Youth Transition

SCRS-IL has a youth program designed to develop skills to promote self-awareness and esteem, develop advocacy and self-empowerment skills, and the exploration of career options. This includes the transition from school to post-school activities such as postsecondary education, vocational training, employment, adult services, independent living and community participation.

A wide range of peer support for young people is the core for this program that helps youth ages 14 to 27 make the transition from high school to the workforce or higher education.

It provides opportunities for social contact, emotional support and recreational outings  with other young people with disabilities.

The Summer Youth Leadership Weeks are held each year with an intense five-day event to build independent living skills such as budgeting, emergency preparedness and healthy living styles.

Daily field trips are linked to the skills training of the day.

Monthly youth groups at the Downey and Alhambra offices. Give us a call if you’d like to join this fun, vibrant group.

For more information please contact:


Deserie Ortiz
Youth Advocate
(562) 774-6533 cell
(562) 862-6531 x 121