Vocational Manager's Message


Welcome to SCRS-IL’s Vocational Department!

The goal of the program is to assist job seekers with disabilities find and maintain competitive employment. The program follows the  SCRS-IL  Mission empowering individuals to achieve their personal goals with the knowledge, skills and confidence building needed to maximize their quality of life.

The Vocational Program has assisted individuals with disabilities with high quality vocational services for over 15 years in four Southern California counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino.

We understand today’s competitive workplace challenges and provide the tools needed to help job seekers cultivate skills for the right job.  SCRS-IL has Employment Specialists working  with 20 Department of Rehabilitation . offices throughout Southern California  and has developed partnerships with local businesses, Work Source Centers, EDD, and other partners to assist job seekers in reaching their employment goals.

To receive employment services, the individual job seeker must have a disability and meet DOR qualifications, applying for assistance with DOR.   A DOR counselor will conduct an evaluation of the individual’s strengths, skills, and experience and assist the applicant in developing a personalized employment plan.  Next, the job seeker may request to be referred to an Employment Specialist at SCRS-IL who will assist the individual building confidence, overcoming barriers, perfecting  job application and interviewing skills, develop a customized resume and provide job leads and community resources needed to find employment.

The SCRS-IL Vocational Department has competent, innovative staff members who provide on going high quality, service, fostering access and creating community alliances that support job seekers with disabilities.


We hope you will become empowered by contacting the closest DOR office.  Visit the California Department of Rehabilitation Website at www.dor.ca.gov or call (916) 324-1313 (VOICE)  (916) 558-5807 (TTY).

Whether you are an employer who would like to know more about how you can partner with SCRS-IL or a job seeker wanting more information, please contact us by sending an email  to vocationalmanager@scrs-ilc.org


Best Regards,

Mario Galdamez

Vocational Program Manager