Department Highlights/Testimonials

Job Placement Successes!

Toni Chapman- Inland Empire DHH

Employment Specialist, Toni Chapman with a client

Employment Specialist worked with this client who was looking for General Office Clerk for almost a year and was not getting any phone calls, so client decided to broaden her search to warehouse clerk as Employment Specialist explained that she could try Warehouse clerk and work her way up to office work due to communication barrier as she is deaf as most jobs require the ability to answer incoming phone calls.  She could do outgoing calls once they get the concept of how to use video-phone but has had no luck in finding any work until considering expanding her search to include warehouse. The Employment Specialist contacted Amazon and spoke with the Supervisor to see if they were hiring and he asked to have the client come in.  The Employment Specialist made arrangements for an interpreter to be present and accompanied the client at the interview.  The client did well and received a call a week later to make arrangements for her to come in for orientation.  After communicating with the employer for 5 to 7 weeks, the employer had her go through another interview and she started the job the following week. Persistency and team-work paid off! 

Debbie Calva- Santa Clarita D.O.R.

Jordan was referred with the understanding that a Job Coach might be needed once he got a job.  He was hired by Taco Bell and shortly after his hire date he had a shortage at his register.  The employment Specialist called and spoke to both the District Manager and the direct Manager to let them know that Jordan understood he was having difficulty with the register, but really wanted to keep his job.  Both Managers agree to have Jordan continue and the Employment Specialist worked with him as a Job Coach to help him become more accurate with the register.  

Not only has Jordan made it past his 90 day retention, doing much better on the register, but has been asked by his manager to assist them in recruiting new employees.  Jordan has requested to come into the SCRS-IL group meeting from time to time to speak to the consumers and identify good, prospective candidates for his manager to hire.  


 Esau Pulido- Commerce D.O.R.

Successful Client Jenny started employment service with SCRS-IL in February 2014 with no work experience, except some seasonal child care work. The Employment Specialist helped her with applications and to increase her self-esteem.  She applied for jobs on line and at malls, through a job fair and recruitment events. In September 2014, the Employment Specialist and the client attended the Citadel Job Fair in Commerce at the time "Farmer Boys" was opening. A month later the Employment Specialist found out that they were ready to hire and during a Job Club contacted the company, and within a half  hour she arrived for an interview well-dressed, with her resume and right to work documents. She was hired on the spot! She completed 90 days of employment at the end of 2014 and she recently reported that she is working 48 hours a week. She is very thankful for the assistance that was provided and the D.O.R. Counselor was very proud of the teamwork.


These are some of the successes of the SCRS-IL Vocational Department. Employment Specialists are looking forward to partnering with businesses, organizations, and other partners to provide the resources, support, and networking needed for individuals with disability to find and retain competitive employment.

If you are an equal opportunity employer interested in partnering with SCRS-IL, please send an email to or contact Mario Galdamez at 626-587-5010 extension 202.


If you are an individual with disability seeking employment, GET STARTED by contacting D.O.R at (916) 324-1313 for the nearest office to you and you may request an SCRS-IL Employment Specialist.