Information for Job Seekers

Whatever barriers to employment you may be facing, Southern California Resource Services for Independent Living is here to assist you. We believe in the transformational power of having a job and are passionately committed to helping individuals with disabilities secure competitive employment and enjoy a greater sense of independence, purpose and self-respect.

We provide our consumers with no-cost career counseling, resume workshops, interview coaching, access to job search tools, referrals to education courses and a wide range of additional practical aids that assist the consumer in preparation of joining the workforce.

SCRS has helped thousands of individuals achieve career success over the past 15 years.

 What can an SCRS-IL Employment Specialist do for me?

  • Determine your work preferences
  • Help you overcome employment barriers
  • Utilize your existing skills to find employment
  • Provide a customized job search according to your skills, experience and preferences
  • Help you maintain competitive employment

1.  Intake: One of our employment specialists will help you assess your strengths, weaknesses, job skills and experience.  The more input the Employment Specialist receives, the more your plan can    be fine-tuned to fit your needs.

2.  Job Prep: Your Employment Specialist will assist you with the preparation of your resume, cover letter, job applications, references and other documents along with practicing and feedback for a successful interview. 

3.  Job search: Your employment specialist will help you find employment through:


  • Knowledge of the current job market and sources of job leads
  • Job searching, cold-calling, and interviewing
  • Networking with local employers, Work Source Centers, and community resources
  • Developing customized job leads that fits your employment profile
  • Important information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it relates to employment.

 4.  Retention: We provide job retention service to every client we place.  Your Employment Specialist will communicate with you periodically to check on your progress and any needs that you may have to         maintain your employment.  Your Employment Specialist will continue to monitor and follow your progress for a period of 90 days. 

Additional Service through the Vocational Program:

Extensive job readiness skills through Personal Vocational Social Adjustment (PVSA).

Individualized and customized training to address specific barriers to employment. The training is provided by qualified PVSA trainers and/or Employment Specialists.  Some of the barriers to employment include, but are not limited to: mobility training, self-advocacy, grooming and hygiene, workplace etiquette, conflict resolution and time management.


All services SCRS-IL provides to you are FREE once approved by the California Department of Rehabilitaiton.

 To participate in the SCRS Vocational Services program, consumers must first register with the California Department of Rehabilitation. For more information or to find the office closest to your home, visit the California Department of Rehabilitation Website or contact us at  (626) 587-5010 and ask for our vocational services department.


If you have additional questions about the Vocational Services offered, you can reach the Vocational Manager at (626) 587-5010 extension 202.