Incentives For Employers

Federal, state, and local governments have recognized the unique obstacles facing employers who want to hire applicants with disabilities. Incentive programs have been effective in opening doors for qualified applicants. Programs such as:

Each of these options give employers more reasons to hire qualified applicants with disabilities. Employers get the right person for the job, while saving time and money with SCRS job placement services. New incentive programs continually arise, and existing programs evolve. For more information, please consult a job developer.

The following programs are currently available to qualified employers:

  • Career Opportunities Development (COD) Program

    COD funds are available to private nonprofit groups, Native American tribes, public employers (federal, state, county, and city agencies), and "special" districts (utility companies, school districts, and fire departments). These employers are eligible to receive 100% of a trainee's salary for up to six months through COD.

    The employer's only commitment is to provide training for the successful transition of the trainee to a permanent full-time position at the end of a successful training period. The administration is simple and does not require much time.

  • On the Job Training (OJT) Funds

    OJT funds are available to any employer who hires a California Department of Rehabilitation consumer. A maximum of $1,500 is available for a new employee who is in training. Successful training should result in permanent full-time employment, although sometimes part-time positions are considered. Normally, the training period is limited to no more than three months per employee. One advantage of this program is that the paperwork is minimal.

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    When an employer hires a person with a disability, the federal government allows the employer to get tax credits. The federal government frequently changes the status on job tax credits. For the most current information, please consult with the Employment Specialist.

  • Job Coaching Services

    Job coaches are available to train new hires and are funded by the Department of Rehabiliation (D.O.R.) based on identifiable needs.  It is usually provided for 3 months as the new hire becomes proficient in his or her job duties.  This training benefits both the employee and the employer.   


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