Inaccessible Sidewalks in Los Angeles; Repair Our Communities!

A broken sidewalk on Selma Avenue near Vine Street, in Hollywood.  Credit: Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times

A broken sidewalk on Selma Avenue near Vine Street, in Hollywood.  Credit: Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times

Broken, unpaved, non-existent, inaccessible, and unsafe are just a few words to describe the conditions of many sidewalks in Los Angeles.

In 1990, the Americans With Disabilities Act was passed as a civil rights law protecting the American public against discrimination or prohibition based on disability. In Los Angeles and in many other places, with regards to sidewalks, it seems that this is being ignored. There is over one million people with disabilities in the city of Los Angeles, and in an effort to address this, one non-profit legal organization has began to take a stand against it!

Disability Rights Advocates, Inc., based out of Berkeley, California, is working with communities in Los Angeles, and other cities in Southern California to take action against municipalities that may be in violation of accessibility barriers.

DRA, Inc. has held several community forums in order to obtain testimonials and locations of potential sidewalk barriers. Once they have gathered enough input from a particular city, they are planning to take any necessary action to correct the issues. From experience, municipalities have only addressed accessibility barriers through the use of legal action.

SCRS-IL invited DRA, Inc. to hold a community forum at our center in Downey, California on May 2nd, 2014. We had community members participate, as well as representatives from offices of elected officials.

Since these issues appear to be common in LA county, DRA Inc. is looking to hear from all community members.

You can contact DRA Inc. at:

2001 Center Street, Fourth Floor

Berkeley, CA 94704-1204

(510) 665-8644


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