Executive Director's Message

Executive Director Rudy Contreras in white suit, w/ red tie and black shirt.For any person with a disability that is faced with meeting life’s adversities, we want to honor your character and commitment to being resilient.  We want to share our belief in a life that is not measured by your disability, but a life that is measured by your abilities to strive and be successful.

For families and friends who are devoted to the success of a person with a disability, we want to encourage you to believe in a world of possibilities where all people with disabilities can grow into a full productive and contributing member of their communities.  All people with disabilities will find that SCRS-IL is more than a member of a movement; we are a group of people that dedicate all that we are to ensuring action through innovation and consumer success.

To the employer communities we serve, we want to share with you some of the successes of your fellow employers.  We have hundreds of success stories accumulated over thirty-six years of successful partnerships with various community employers.  We want to encourage you to champion new and innovative ways to reach your company’s goals. Going beyond the stereotype, and knowing that only through true community integration, together we will share a voice of unity and empowerment.

For the communities we serve, we want to share with you this simple yet amazingly powerful truth: That each and every member of our community-regardless of the notion of disability- possesses within them the ability and desire to contribute, to belong, and to fully participate in their community.  Persons with disabilities add to the value of our communities through service, through dedication, and through the dignity of humanity.

We ask that each of you remain vigilant and seek to empower through opportunity. Believing beyond yourself, uniting a community through active engagement by all members of society.  We want you to share some of the value and contributions that you make:  if you do, I can promise you a life that goes beyond the idea of a movement, and into the reality of change. Join us as we energize others to seek a life of empowerment that will leave its mark for generations to come.


Rudy A. Contreras

Executive Director