SCRS-IL has a long standing history of advocating for the rights and freedom of people of all ages and all types of disabilities. With a particular emphasis on community-based services, accessible housing, accessible public transportation and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, SCRS-IL Systems Advocacy team works to improve the laws, policies, regulations and services that affect the day to day lives of people with disabilities. SCRS-IL partners with disability rights activists across the city, state and country in order to foster the independence, integration and civil rights of people with disabilities.

There are often major obstacles for people with disabilities as they strive to live a more independent life.

Through advocacy, SCRS-IL can assist you two ways.

The first is through personal advocacy. The goal here at SCRS-IL is to empower you to live that more independent life and we can show you the steps it will take to work through issues such as benefits, transportation, housing and other common needs by members of the disability community.

But the problem-solving assistance also comes through systemic advocacy to help change issues that affect a broad group and often requires movement at the state and national level.

SCRS-IL Systems Advocacy strives to create a more just society and barrier-free physical environment for people with disabilities.  Our strength is in our numbers and we greatly encourage the participation of all members of our community and people with disabilities.  Please contact us to find out how you can help!  We'd also like to hear from you about the problems you face as a person with a disability.


To contact SCRS-IL's Advocacy team, call:

Downey    (562) 862-6531

Alhambra  (626) 587-5010